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Murdoc Niccals ([personal profile] bassdemon) wrote2012-01-01 04:09 pm

2011: A Recapitulatiapiton

Well, 2011's dead and gone and already starting to stink. It was the year in which Gorillaz turned Ten, of course, but anyone can do that. I mean, feckin' Hell, whiny emo foursome My Chemical Romance managed it recently, but clearly they don't know how to celebrate like we do! (Mind you, Frank Iero... who wouldn't?)

2011 saw my precious Cyborg Noodle go off the rails. Oh, don't remind me. I tried to raise her well. I guess it all comes back to never getting any affection from my own dad, y'know? *sniff* Still, the night is young, and there's plenty of time to try again. Next time I'll use a far more appropriate base for the organic components - someone a bit more cuddly up front, if you catch my drift, ahahurr.

Speaking of tits, magnificent slag Paula Cracker is now spending her days answering questions on tumblr through the medium of sketches. Artsy sketches, that is, not comedy sketches, though I'm sure she could do that too if she put her mind to it. No end to that girl's talents, I'm telling you. Makes me remember why we kicked her out in the first place.

Tomorrow I will lay out my hundred-point plan for self-improvement and clean living in the new year. Meantime, I spy mini marshmallows floating in a half-coconut of rum and coke. Tara for now, kids.